Call for speakers

3 – 5 DECEMBER 2024


3 – 5 DECEMBER 2024




Call for speakers for Thermal Management Expo Europe is open! 

We are currently developing the agenda for the free-to-attend conference at Thermal Management Expo Europe Conference 2023. We invite you to help shape the agenda, with input on the industry challenges opportunities and topics that are most pressing to the industry currently. Share new session ideas and submit your talk proposals via the online form before 30 June 2023 to be considered.


The 2023 conference will focus on topics and industry trends such as:

  • EV battery thermal management
  • Thermal management in consumer electronic devices
  • Thermal design of buildings
  • HVAC
  • Thermal systems innovations
  • Extreme environment thermal systems
  • Immersion cooling and dialectric fluids
  • Thermal interface materials
  • Measurement of thermal conductivity
  • Thermal design optimization
  • Phase change materials
  • Boron nitride cooling fillers
  • Two-phase cooling
  • Thermal management for hypersonics
  • Thermal simulation and modelling
  • Latest research ready for commercialization



Deadlines & selection criteria 

  •  Speaking slots are allocated on merit and relevance to the topics on the agenda
  •  Commercial presentations – such as product or company reviews – will not be accepted
  •  There are no registration fees to take up this opportunity
  •  Speaking slot timings and formats will be finalised as the program is completed, depending on the subject matter to be addressed
  •  The deadline for submissions is 30 June 2023
  •  We will aim to review all submissions within 6-8 weeks after the deadline

Submissions will be evaluated in terms of:

  • importance of the topic to conference attendees
  • inclusion of an end user as either a lead or co-presenter
  • knowledge and experience of the speaker
  • how objective, educational, non-commercial the content is
  • clearly defined benefits for attendees

For any questions please contact:

Peter Verkooijen – Conference Producer

[email protected]

Europe: +44 1273 916 313 (United Kingdom)

Toll free: +1 855 436 8683 (USA)